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Data cables are important part of a computer, as they serve as the link to various hardware components. Establishing a reliable network and making sure that it is scalable and flexible to meet and support the future growth of your business, is an integral part of your success. We at Florida Data Cabling understand your goal and we are committed in providing reliable and professional Network cabling services across South Florida. We will walk with you from consulting to design, project management and to support. Network wiring is a puzzle that we are going to put together with you to meet your business needs. Our team has the top of line the line equipment and the expertise in all fields of cabling and wiring. This includes data cabling, data wiring, phone cabling, phone wiring, cat5 cabling, cat6 wiring.

Our data cabling installers can perform any networking installation and data cabling Sunrise. We have designed and installed numerous office data cabling projects, both small and large in Sunrise and surrounding areas including Miami and West Palm Beach area. We have built an impressive track record of designing and installing scalable structured cabling solutions across numerous locations in South Florida through the years of our quality service.

We are highly experienced in managing projects for officesCALL CENTERS, data centers, Schools and Colleges and industrial and manufacturing sectors. We are specialists in supply, installation and termination of all types network cabling, working with many IT companies in South Florida.

So, if you are looking for Data and Voice Cable installed at your, let us do it for you! We have completed hundreds of Network Cabling jobs in South Florida.

  • Copper network cabling for category 5 (cat5) cabling, category 5e (cat5e) cabling, category 6 (cat6) cabling, ANSI/EIA/TIA cable standards
  • Fiber cables, Single mode, Multimode for long distance and interference free communication.
  • Structured cabling for Office buildings (small, medium and enterprise sized business), Data centres, call centers, small offices and warehouses.
  • Network cable management and design for small to large scale cable plants
  • Voice cabling (both pbx and voip) and network data cabling.
  • Premise wiring and Structured network and telco cabling.
  • High Quality grade Network wiring, patch panels and jacks.

And if you happen to have repair and troubleshooting needs, we are your network cabling emergency buddy! We understand the complexity and frustrations you might be dealing now might it be in data cabling, data wiring, phone cabling, phone wiring, cat5 cabling, cat6 wiring, Florida Data Cabling is your solution. Let experts in Data Cabling Sunrise take care of the job, so all you need to worry about is what really matters – your business.

If you have any questions or concerns, call us today for a free onsite estimate.

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